• Make applications available to nursing students through our website or advertisements. Include address and phone numbers where students can call or write to obtain an application.

  • The deadline must be firm. Accept applications only postmarked by the deadline.

  • Copies of the applications should be given to the scholarship chair person.

  • Two scholarships for U.S. students (Asian Indian origin) and three scholarships for students from India will be given annually, which may be changed depending on the availability of funds. Consider the criteria for this scholarship; for example, 50% for the essay, 25 % for grades and scores, and 25% for other activates and honors. These should be considered for guidelines only. These are applicable only for U.S. students. The essay may be written in at least 400 words on the subject of why the candidate chose nursing as a career. For students from India, an essay will not be needed. Considerations should be based on their financial needs and academic standing. Go through the application and scrutinize if the applicant is really needy. Have them send a letter from their school of nursing and see if it is truly a nursing student. A reference from one of our active members may be obtained. If the mark list is available, we will pick the best students with the highest grades.

  • With the entire application in mind, the judges should then rank the applicants: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on. If there are 20 applications, they should be ranked from 1st -20th. Judges should not be given the same rank to any two applicants. If there is a tie, the committee may split the scholarship. Another way to break a tie would be to ask the judges to re-rank the two applicants who had tie scores as 1st or 2nd.

  • Once a winner is selected, the committee must then notify him/her in writing. This letter should also ask for verification of eligibility, copies of the student’s test scores, and a copy of his/her report card, if needed.

  • After receiving verification, send another letter or phone call confirming the award. If there are any problems with the applicant’s information, the award should be offered to the second place winner.

  • The scholarship checks should be available at the annual meeting of the Indian Nurse Association, of Houston, if possible, and the names of the winners may be announced.