IANAGH organized a medical mission trip to Haiti with United Light of Hope(ULH) and NAINA APN Forum.
IANAGH raised $ 25,000 to build the First Clinic of Hope and a kindergarten school in remote village in Haiti called Canaan . A team went to Haiti for a medical mission from January 23-30, 2018 and Inaugurated the Clinic of Hope .The team included  Mrs. Claramma Mathews, Accamma Kallel, David Kallel, Elizabeth Mathew, Mariamma  Mandavathil, Lydia Albuquerque and Shylamma Philip & ULH executives  Rose Jean Giles & Mr.Joseph Fannel
These efforts enabled to sustain basic health care and education to the less fortunate in Haiti, also contributed towards creating job by hiring local doctors, health care workers and other workers.  People who never had access to healthcare and education now have the privileged to received basic healthcare and education due to IANAGH’s support. IANAGH also  collected and sent medical supplies, clothes, school supplies, shoes, no perishable food etc. to Haiti . The team also lead health education classes and CPR training for nursing students in two nursing schools in Haiti and inspired them to care for the community. Now adult education and summer classes for more than 50 children are being done in this clinic through IANAGH’s  efforts. A reservoir for water storage and generator is added to this clinic and it is indeed a real place of hope to many in this village.